TaiBIF Tools

The biodiversity data proofreading and conversion tools were developed by TaiBIF. Currently, these tools include function for checking of scientific name, batch comparison of species' Chinese name and coordinate conversion. TaiBIF's tool development is currently supported by the Academia Sinica's "Taiwan Biodiversity Information Platform for Academic, Social Promotion and International Integration", the Taiwan National Science and Technology Council's "Construction, Maintenance and Integration of TaiBIF and its integration with GBIF" and Taiwan Forestry Bureau's "Ecological Resource Database Group Integration Promotion Program".https://portal.taibif.tw/coordinateConverter.php

Geographic coordinate conversion

Different geographic coordinate systems of species' ecological distribution in the past had caused difficulties in integration of geographic information and causing errors in species marking on the map. This tool provide online conversion of geographic coordinates so that users can update the old ecological distribution data for further comparative analysis and research. The tool provides conversions between the three formats of WGS 84, TM2 67 and TM2 97.

Geographic coordinate conversion tool

Species' Chinese name comparison

This tool allows users to upload multiple species' Chinese names. The tool will compare the Chinese names with the corresponding species scientific name and species name code in the Taiwan Catalogue of Life (TaiCoL; https://taibnet.sinica.edu.tw/). If the Chinese name is not found, a "no match" message will be returned.

Species' Chinese name comparison

Scientific name validation

Species often have synonyms in taxonomy. This tool provides batch comparison of species scientific name, check the validity of the scientific name, and also other relevant information.