Research citing GBIF as a source of data, Jan-Mar 2012

Research citing GBIF as a source of data, Jan-Mar 2012

Grouped by relevance to Aichi Biodiversity Targets1 :

Strategic Goal B – Reduce direct pressures and promote sustainable use

Target 9. Invasive alien species

Example: Zhu, G. et al., 2012. Potential Geographic Distribution of Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Invasion (Halyomorpha halys) B. Fenton, ed. PLoS ONE, 7(2), p.e31246. Available at:

Summary: The research explores the climatic niche occupied by a pest causing widespread agricultural damage, with a rapidly expanding range in North America and Europe. To model the potential spread of the bug, it uses occurrence records from its native range in east Asia, obtained partly from databases in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan publishing data through GBIF. Using these models, the study mapped areas at risk of invasion from the pest in northern Europe, northeastern North America, southern Australia, North Island New Zealand, Angola and Uruguay. The authors hope this will provide critical information for management strategies.


(Excerpted from GBits Science Supplement No. 1, March 2012)